Rusalka is a wild female spirit, a beautiful water fairy, a bit mischievous one, with a translucent fair skin, sweet singing voice as she dances in the moonlight.. and a sensitive, oftentimes tormented soul. Some say Rusalka is dangerous and revengeful, but I don’t believe that. She may have some unquiet issues deep down, that yes, but she would not harm, let alone drown people in the water. And if they claim she did, then let’s forgive her. Who knows what haunting made her commit such atrocity.. Just in case, tread carefully around lakes and marshes deep in ancient forests. To appease her, acknowledge her instead and show her respect as she is the Goddess of waters, crops and fertile fields.


I am a  wild female spirit, with a translucent fair skin and a sensitive soul. I am dreamer. A mind explorer, always trying to dig deeper, not afraid to go down the rabbit hole..

I consider myself reborn within my current lifetime. It was not easy.. and it is a never-ending process.

Life evolves. We ride its waves.

I learnt to love life. I learnt to love myself. Or better – my Self.


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