I love to read. I am information-obsessed, always grieving that I am missing something important somewhere in the World, that a life-changing quote might be slipping my attention and vanishing in the darkness of oblivion. Do you get that, too?

Well, I have “cured” myself from the obsession. I still read a lot, but have become more targeted and focused.

I was thinking what were the books that I will never forget and that opened the door in the back of my mind. I dare say they triggered my trip down the rabbit hole.. They opened my eyes in a way that I perceived the World differently ever since. I used to be a mainstream-minded, although always a little bit a freak. These books validated me sensing that there is something waaaay beyond what we are fed with at school, media etc.

Here, in random order, is a shortlist. Check back in for an update! Let me know in the comments what are Your treasure volumes! Let’s share wisdom, information.. and the Love for Books.

Here is a sample of my life-changing literature. Not necessarily the most important books I have ever read but those that actually represent my first contacts with the nonconformist thought, provoked me to turn my habitual life upside down, and challenge the established modus operandi.

Hulda R. Clark: The Cure for All Diseases Until then, I was enjoying a lifestyle of popping in a pill whenever needed, doctors were ever-present guides in my life. In this book I found enormous depth of wisdom and way to self healing. We are made of vibrations; with naturopathy, we can learn how to put ourselves in balance and optimal health. I am using her advice ever since to my great health and to health of many around me. This definitely was a great life changer for me. And for people who seek me out for advice.

George Orwell: 1984 This book does not need any introduction I guess. One word: It is a chilling read. Well, it is even more chilling when you realize that after few pages it is not a work of fiction anymore but almost perfect description of the reality we live in.. I started questioning what I see and hear around me and was prompted to start discovering alternative sources. Since then on, my consciousness was never the same again. By looking for the “below the radar” information, my internal investigator got unleashed!

Karel Marx: Capital A very surprising study. To be honest, I would never think I would have ever reached for Marx’s book. Yet there I was with his book borrowed from a local library. Then I purchased my own copy because I always like to make my notes along the pages. Excellent explanation of economic thought in the time of gold standard, very enlightening. For anybody with not only economic, but philosophical, monetary, and social aspiration a must-read. It prompted me to start being interested in economy in a more philosophical way, but also as a consequence of previous social, political and economic situation. At Marx’s times, Europe was getting out of the feudalism and serfdom, and entering in the age of steam. The industrial revolution made him contemplate notions of labor cost, added value, and strife to improve workers’ conditions.  I think that so called “marxism-leninism” has not much to do with Marx’s original ideas and that his name has been vastly abused. I am not in agreement with gold standard economy that he describes, yet I understand that monetarily that was all there was at his time and he was trying to find solution within that limited space. A really interesting historic journey back in the past when fast growing revolutionary technologies disrupted social order.

Elisabeth Haich: Initiation An adventurous trip into Elisabeth’s past lives  that she describes in great detail. I re-read the volume several times, it resonated a lot and that is where I realized that my perception of present has changed. Since then I made a substantial advancement in comprehending the parallelism of timelines, past and future and this book was a great starter for me.

Jane Roberts: Seth material I found 3 books of hers in an antique bookstore in a post-Sandy Staten Island. Quite magic. In that trip, I left with 5 bags full of books. I love to shop antique books. Seth is a spirit who reminds us wisdom about our reality, what dreams are, how does soul / spirit operate etc. It was nothing new to me though; it was rather as if somebody reminded me what I have known since ever, or perhaps I was not even aware that this knowledge, so natural to me, was blanketed under dust of years until then.

Alain Danielou: The Myths and Gods of India One of the most important philosophical books I have ever come across. There is everything in it: Explanation of micro and macro, life, existence, universal law. Just pure treasure. I cannot say enough praise about profoundness of this exquisite work. He opened a way for me to research many more Hindu books, and that is why Bhagavad Gita could become one of the most important books for me later on. I think it is the depth of the thought that awakens the spirit. Then you lose fear of death and just take this life as a tourist. Humbly, yet not tragically attached to surrounding reality. Because you know there is something transcending.

Carlos Castaneda: The Teachings of Don Juan Wonderful work. Classic. Castaneda’s works are great to understand about the “reality” that comprises of multiple possibilities, spirituality, universe, your Self, soul.. One has to feel it with his heart I guess. Another important stepping stone on my early path to knowledge.

James W. Loewen: Lies My Teachers Told Me A very concise trip into the crooked school system and molding of thought-base of the students. That is when I realized there is an ongoing war to control our minds. Once you control somebody’s minds, you manipulate their perception and the person becomes a lifeless puppet. I began to realize how important it is to take care of the thoughts, distinguish what is yours and what is just somebody else’s implant in your mind. Unfortunately, it starts with the institutions people trust with their life and soul: school, church and family.

Edward Gibbon: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Acquiring this trilogy has been a feat: By a chance and coincidence (if I would believe in chances and coincidences) I saw the books on the shelves in a furniture store that was just shutting down and dumping everything. I saved the Volumes II and II from being dumped! (There was no Volume I though.) I wanted to pay for it because for me it was like finding a gold treasure. They just looked at the old books and told me to take them if I wish, they would have gotten trashed anyway (!!). Few weeks later I found the Volume I in an antique store. I love these historic books, although the writing is very dense. In any case, they are well-rounded source of detailed information. I do not think there is any better research on the subject than this. If you want to understand the Western World as of today, you first have to study the roots and causes. The trilogy is the masterpiece and real treasure in my library.

Arianna Huffington: Third World America (How Our Politicians Abandoning the Middle Class And Betraying the American Dream) Very witty, easy read, yet full of information. You realize that the collapse of America’s middle class, social and economic fabric is not just some craziness in your head but actual reality. Back in 2010 when it was published, it was a work of real courage. From that time on, I started observing the U.S. in the context of the Global development and came to conclusion that the country is knee-deep in serious trouble and lagging behind in many aspects. The book kickstarted what later became my immersion in alternative media information search.

What are Your life-changers?


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