I was thinking about the moment when I decided to get rid of medication, pills and other pharmaceutical products that had accumulated at home over the years. I wanted to make a radical cut and start relying only solely on body’s faculty of natural self-healing. It took a lot of thinking, it was a leap into the unknown! It is so much easier to have a medication in the closet as a backup, as a safety net when you feel unwell. It gives you peace of mind: the trust in pharma products is so deeply inwoven in our psyche that something so natural, such as relying on your own body, seems like an act of rebellion.

I have never before depended my health on herbal teas or concoctions; I took herbs merely as an accessory to the official, safety-sealed, scientifically tried-tested-and-FDA-approved medicine. I was a diligent user of any prescribed treatment. If a guy in a white coat said I have to take antibiotics every 8 hours, I would set up my alarm clock and religiously followed the holy word of the doctor.

Yet the call of my innate nature was stronger. It was as if a tiny voice kept nudging me to give it a try, just a try, no commitment. As if a butterfly wants to break out of the cocoon, such was the urgency of the call it felt inevitable. I hesitated, was putting off the clean out for several days, weeks. The part of you is scared because I was unable to imagine life without these secret little friends. One day, after 30-something years of systematic poisoning my system I decided to make the change and went for it: I ditched hundreds of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals, drops, sprays, pills, suppositories, ointments, atomizers and other whatnots.

Well, it felt emotional and liberating at the same time. I knew in the instant my body got awoken and now it was my responsibility to help it work as a Swiss watch. There was nowhere to turn to anymore, my medicine cabinet had empty shelves staring back at me. At that moment I made a promise that I will never buy even a simple painkiller again in my life. (It has been working out wonderfully for me ever since.)

We as people have to start reconnecting with our inner nature, reawaken the wheels that make our bodies spin with a happy whir.

Haven’t we forgotten that we have built-in the most sophisticated self-healing mechanisms? Haven’t we been spoiled by the comfort that pharmaceuticals offer us? Doctors have nowadays become respected members of their patients’ families. Going to the waiting room at medical centers acquired status of socializing activity, sharing your ills and pains substituted greeting and well wishing. It’s time we take our birthright back and take responsibility of our health. Let’s celebrate our body and give back dignity to the miracle that a human being is. We don’t need to be slaves of the mainstream poisonous culture.

It is normal to be healthy. We are meant to thrive and enjoy life, not be sick, depressed and lackluster. Our bodies know how to do it.

I promised myself that I will never put any pharmaceutical drugs into my system again. It is crucial to be consciously focused on cleaning the body, gut, detoxifying liver, kidneys, blood. It takes a lot of energy, time, tears and sweat to accept one’s self and allow it to heal naturally. You have to go patiently through every and each fever that you might get from time to time. Live it through, feel the pains, observe the process because it gives you a message. As psychosomatic rightly say, the body and the mind are a team.

I feel definitely great. My focus is sharper, I lost some weight, my body mechanism started working and keeps running like an engine. But most of all, I feel good in my own skin, more balanced. I enjoy this too much to spoil it with something toxic.

Yet there was something that came as a “side effect” of the long-term detox. You might have no aspiration for spiritual development, herbalism, alternative lifestyle, self-healing and the likes. You might have no idea what does it even mean. You can read tons of books but until you live it, you cannot fully understand the full scope of the message. In a book, you read a theory about experiences of others; in the real life, you live it yourself and the experience is uniquely yours. It came to me as a total surprise that after several months of religiously taking herbs, drops of tinctures, eating fairly clean and vegan raw-ish, something strange begin to happen. I was happily doing a detox of my physical body but how come that now my mind feels different, too?  It starts as if a voice in your head starts talking to you. But it is not a voice really, it is rather a feeling of awareness. I was shocked by it, did not know how to handle it, it even scared me. Then I understood meaning of phrase that I kept seeing in the books on and on again: There is no separation of mind and body. They became one, intertwined unity, wholeness, and now it is my best guide in everyday life.

I hate to spoil the fun but have to note: Pleeease, this is not in any way a medical advise. You do with your body what you want as is your responsibility. If you take pills, take them according to your best reason as you see fit. I am just sharing my personal journey. Thank you.


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