Why do I call our body a Temple? The short answer: Because it is a temple!

The long answer: We are used to think of our body as a composition of separate parts: stomach, arms, legs, head, brain, heart and so on. The mouth is there so that we can eat. The stomach is there so that we can digest what we ate. The heart is there to pump blood. The brain is there so that we can think. Easy as that, right? Sure.. not!

Our body is a temple. To me a temple evokes a structure for a sacred mission, something outworldly, yet intimate. A temple is a place where sacred rituals occur where help of Gods and Goddesses is asked, miracles occur, mind-field is amplified.

We own a body for our sacred mission in this life. Life is something transcending the World, yet the most intimate experience imaginable. Our body is part of an elaborate ritual every breathing moment.

When I think how I have treated my body for many years, it is no joyful picture. Well, it was a standard, socially accepted lifestyle, I get it. But now when I think about it.. Let’s just say that I used to eat tons of bakery (bread, rolls, cakes, desserts, all the yummy things imaginable), butter, cheeses, pates, burgers, fries, schnitzels, roasts, mayonnaise, spreads, marmalade, sugars, sauces, dumplings, greasy soups, a lot of meat, drank alcohol, clubbed until the morning boozed up etc. It was normal, standard, nothing out of ordinary. Years went by until one morning when I decided to change things around. I read a lot of books and had found something truly inspirational that made me stop and think. Maybe it was the book by Hulda Clark (the lady who preached antiparasitic cures and zapping) combined with books of Seth by Jane Roberts plus dozens other books about amazing abilities of human mind. Things clicked together, something in me shifted and I felt a call to change things. This was when I took a sabbatical year, closed my email account, disconnected my phone and started the journey inwards. And the things I found just amazed me.. More about it some time later.

I started thinking: What a superhero my body is if it is still alive after decades of eating and drinking weird things? By what miracle is it still functioning this well? How long have I kept burying it under layers of all-those-unhealthy-things-listed-above? How is it possible that my poor body made it so far? How come that eating excessively sugary and greasy things and drinking alcohol is considered normal in a society? People take care of their cars, put additives to its gasoline, nurture it, polish it, clean it with vacuum, spend thousands on car specialties.. and how do we actually take care of the most important engine that keeps us alive? How much attention do we give to our nourishment and wellbeing? Isn’t a car getting more TLC than our body? Something is off here.. I realized it is a pattern in a society since we are little: candies were a form of reward system, chubby kids were cute by “having those healthy cheeks,” mothers, grandmas, aunts and uncles just have to make sure that the kid is well-fed. Like in the movie My Fat Greek Wedding that I was forced to watch once on a bus trip. There was no awareness of what is right and what is wrong. People just follow basic habits as a society.

So I decided I will do detox. I will give all the care to my body it deserves. I realized I want to help my body because it is more than just digestive tubes and blood running in the veins. I tapped into something deeper here.

I took it drastically, eliminated all the bad food and stopped immediately eating meat or fish, bakery, pasta, pizza, eggs, milk, flour, any processed food, alcohol.

Notice that while nowadays we are buried by tried-and-tested diets and are bombed by info about supplements that we need to ingest lest we die etc., I had another approach: First I had to stop adding all the trash into my system. Sorry, I know I am talking about food but allow me to call it trash for now, so that we will have more pleasure talking about the “good” food later. Then consciously taking care of things you eat makes a whole difference in this World where we are used to just pop in a pill and magically, a problem is solved. You first have to stop adding trash into your body. That is a real challenge but I believe that if one understands the importance of clean body and taking responsibility of its status, it is easy. Why would I want to add to my body something that I know is not useful, let alone toxic and not serving me?

I also decided to stop relying on pharmaceuticals. Entirely. Myself, who has been on some kind of medication since I was a kid. There was always some allergy, cold, fever, back problems or asthma to take care of. I remember taking allergy tests and I was proud that all of them were triggered. It is so weird that “being sick” is taken as some sort of noble status, martyrdom that has to be venerated and a person gains value. Look how much various diseases are advertised everywhere around us. I had no idea how many illnesses one can have all at once! It feels like there is a public competition to show who is more sick and who takes more pills is the winner. And people like being cuddled by the pharmaceutical companies – a pill takes away all the responsibility. A medication does not ask you to change your lifestyle. A doctor does not ask you what is your emotional history and what do you eat to understand the root of the problem. You just get pills and a problem is solved. I don’t even want to get into the anti-pharma rant. I just want to say that I emptied my stock of painkillers, stomach soothers, and so and threw it all away at once. It does take courage, believe me! You throw away all your best friends who were there for you to help with your headaches, hangovers, and stomach problems, and back problems, fevers and coughs, no questions asked. But I stood firm: From then on, I wanted to understand my body and work on the roots of the problems should they arise. (A little confession here: I kept the band aids. I wear heels and need the plasters to prevent blisters. Perhaps the solution would be to stop wearing heels. Well, I cannot do that. I am not that far in my self-development to give up on heels. Maybe I should just try to understand how to talk to my body to stop creating blisters. Until then – band aids.)

So I became totally vegetarian. Vegan, actually. I was eating raw, more or less, or just veggies dipped in hot water. I ate fruits, nuts and seeds. Until then, I had no idea one can get pretty stuffed with a salad! I discovered new flavors of spices and herbs, made my own dressings of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. But this is not a cooking blog. Trust me, you do not want me to write about cooking, I am fairly terrible in the kitchen.

After I got this sorted, I started experiencing wonderful things, such as lowered need of sleep, more energy, clarity of mind, sharpness of understanding. I also bought a zapper. Man, that was something! My body got covered in pimples and spots and weird things. When I analyzed it according to the book of Hulda Clark, you could tell precisely which inner organ was detoxifying and expelling poisons through the skin. Plus zapper takes away garbage also from one’s aura.

Following Hulda Clark’s book and other researches, I went to the chemist’s and bought many tinctures, teas and herbal pills. And then the real fun began.


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