Our brain processes in each nanosecond terabytes of data. It appears to us as an automatic process since ancient times and we do not think about it. We were born that way and it is part of our normality.

The age of information I want to talk about is the years of internet, characterized by the unlimited data available to us wherever and whenever we are connected to the signal. This is such a huge revolution one has to pause and realize the extend of this development of the past few years.

Think of it: As we look back hundreds of years, there was flat life, flat information field, life was simple, Middle Ages were just a conserve in time-space. People did not travel and if they did, it was immensely more difficult, simply incomparable with today’s convenience. Vast portion of population was illiterate. Education and reading books was reserved for the top class.

From the 17th century onward, it looks like as if human mind made a leap. A telegraph came, then first phone lines. Before that, writing a letter was the only commonly spread means of communication. To deliver a letter, you needed a horse carriage. Later a steam power blessed us with locomotives dragging heavy trains and first cars emerged. History of technology is undisputedly a fascinating trip into minds of inventors who had futuristic visions.

Then a computer and a cell phone came. That turned anything that we knew until then really on its head. You get a personal device that in any point connects you to the informational field available almost all around the World.

For my part, I just say: Thanks for the technology. I love technology and internet for one simple reason: Any person can – at continuously lower and lower cost –  access information. Therefore, no one has any excuses anymore to be willingly not knowing and staying ignorant. By ignorant I mean lazy, disinterested, passive, stagnant, not willing to move on and evolve.

I believe technology gives us choice. Myriads of choices, actually. I personally do not have any more tolerance for people who choose to remain ignorant. I love myself too much to waste my time on people who are below the par to deserve my attention. You can call it arrogance, feel free to call me that. Judgement of the people around me do not affect me for quite a long time now. 🙂

There was a time, majority of my life actually, when I lived almost exclusively for the others. From today’s perspective I can see that I was dying for the others. I was not happy, not understood, nor living my life. But to realize this, you have to take a distance and get out of the automated slave-mode, or “excessive altruism.” I made a radical cut and decided to focus on myself. It was very unusual at first: you might have thoughts that you betrayed your family and friends, that you became selfish and grew proud (yes, pride of who you are is according to some bad education), self-confident (again, according to some being healthily self-confident is a bad character trait).

What is amazing that after I focused on myself, I realized I am totally different from what I used to believe I was. Well, I still feel the same but the experience of living feels so much lighter when you live according to your own natural tendencies. All of the sudden I had so much time to fill up according to my wishes I did not even know I had because I simply was never thinking about pursuing them.

To my surprise, I found out that I love to read. I knew that I had always savored information but in the high school I hated the long list of “recommended literature” that a student had to read each year. It was compulsory reading, that is why I hated it. It is the same situation as when teachers force children to do just anything: write, read, count, study sciences, history, languages. Everything is by force, on demand and that does not work with human nature. And then a miracle happened: Harry Potter books came out and millions of children read  absolutely voluntarily hundreds, perhaps thousands of pages of small print books and dived into adventures of the little wizard. Or take blogging: Teachers force children to write lengthy texts at their order and usually within certain time limit. It does not work that way: The same child that is not able to focus and produce the requested text within the specific period of time in the school lesson might be writing at home a succesful blog full of grand ideas, gain followers and make real change in lives of many people. The education system definitely needs substantial changes and be up-to-date with current trends that are liberating human spirit. There is no need to be stuck in medieval practices that the school often resembles.

In the past few years I read hundreds of books, visited many libraries, set up a large bookcase at home and just dived headfirst into any subject that my soul craved to discover. What did I find out after all that reading? That I have my own ideas! No more commonly accepted ideas of the family, religion, school or society I grew up in, but my own original ideas. It might sound weird, but believe me, it was as if I saw the Sun rising for the first time in my life.

To me the whole process of discovering myself was / has been simply miraculous. Every morning I wake up and think: Hello my Self, what do we wish to do today? When I explain this to people, they say it sounds like a mentally twisted self-talks of Gollum from Tolkien’s books (rest assured I do not fancy fresh-from-the-pond fish). Poor Gollum lost his mind by being obsessed by the Ring; I have found my mind by being obsessed by myself.

There is nothing better than life full of your own intentions, thoughts and ideas. Trust me, I know the “before” and the “after.” There is no time to live according to perceptions, plans, manipulations or emotional extortions of others, be it even your close family, partner or friends. Nobody can live Your life for you. You create your own destiny, it is your choice what you do with your chance here on this Planet in this time and space. You have unlimited possibilities! Unleash your fantasy and let your Self drive you to your best options.

Does it sound too much? Practice, little by little. Abandon yourself to your passions and cravings. Observe yourself, check on your mood and thoughts. Visit a library or a bookstore and let your inner voice lead and choose for you.

Life is  uncomplicated if you follow your heart. When you live purely your intent, your reality becomes full of what is best for You, there is no room for anybody else’s ideas.

Imagine a mind as an empty glass: the glass is your mind and all the empty space calls to be filled it up with content. If you do not know what to fill it with, how to fill it, how much to fill it, before you know it or notice it somebody else comes and gladly fills it up for you – with intents and ideas that are not yours, but his. Think how many layers of not-your-thought have been piled up on you since you were born. It takes some digging to clean away old rut and discover who you actually are. Take a close look at your glass and examine whether it is filled with your carefully selected intents or with random garbage that was thrown on you along the way.

Save yourself. Keep your mind full of your ideas so that nobody else can implant anything that does not belong to you.

Now that we live in age of information and are not buried anymore in the dark ages, we can make better selection of ideas and truly freely dive into various subjects available for us to discover. And always remember: Only informed people can make informed decisions!


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