I was just thinking about my complicated love & hate relationship with New York, when I came across a Czech movie Out of the City (Cesta z mesta; it’s available on youtube with English subtitles) of the year 2000. It tells a story of a successful IT programmer from Prague who escaped from “civilization” and has fallen in love with natural, tough, raw countryside, and also with a woman there. He felt reawakened, sharper, purified. (The movie shows also the effects of the lowest tendencies of life in a village crystallized in unchangeable routine – alcohol abuse and church-going. The heaviest village alcoholist and family abuser is also the only fervent church-goer, that makes it as grotesque as it can get. Yet again – so real and true to life.) The young woman on the other hand is the typical city-escapee, she venerates nature, fire, herbs, embraces confidently her female spirit, despite the pressures from her parents to push her back to finish the university, and of her ex-boyfriend who is just a sterile academic “allergic-to-everything” bore.  After weeks of abandon and savoring fully simple joys of life and also its hardships, our IT programmer had to return to work. But at the end he found his way back to the village in the middle of enchanting Bohemian nature. I liked the mood of the storytelling, in its sweet realness (= a made-up word, I am aware of that but like it too much).

It reminded me how much I got to used to living (or perhaps how much have I been trying to convince myself that I “got used to living”) in the concrete jungle of grey shadowy city. How much we are molded into succumbing to these unnatural living habitats. There is no way that a man thrives in an apartment, or a shared room, of 500 sq ft, if he is lucky. Just as there is no way that a man is supposed to spend his all day sitting on his butt in front of the screen, surrounded by plastic, white walls, in the chicken boxes that are nobly called “work stations,” drink sugary brown water from a plastic cup, order a cheap meal online, eat it from its plastic container with a plastic fork on a keyboard. There is minimal human interaction. On the subway there are ads inciting culture of “order online, avoid awkward eye contact when meeting strangers,” “order online, nobody cares that you eat your lunch in your pajamas.” etc. The human interaction became “the awkward experience that has to be avoided.” Very well..

We are molded like a clay into believing that this is the way it is. That this is normal. That it has always been this way. That this is the most efficient way. Blah blah blah.

All I see is dumbing down of a society. There are even studies showing that IQ is decreasing. While the usage of forbidden substances, antidepressants, pills of whatever kind is rising year on year. Not only in adults, but also in children. There are new “illnesses” with cool names, few letters indicating that a child is “mentally impaired” while it maybe just needs a little bit of normality in its life..

This trend is becoming epidemic especially in USA. People who have not been living here cannot possibly understand the extend in which the society here is methodically being destroyed. There are so many fundamental issues that people have to realize and act upon, but they are distracted with the political nonsense (YES, nonsense. If you still believe in the game of “red” versus “blue,” you should get yourself a long hot bath with epsom salt and few drops of lavender – and think again), with problems such as whether organic dog food is organic enough, whether Rihanna (or insert any other caterwauling California’s “celebrity” name..) dates Will or Jon. It is just insanity.

So yes – I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It reminded me that I have the fire in my heart. I am aware of it and the City will not extinguish it. I am an unbound female spirit, a fearless witch. No pharmaceutical companies can get to me. I am committed to take care of my life and cherish the living force that is driving me on. I do feel like I live among robots, but that’s the price that comes with the realizing the other things. It hurts, it tries to break me down every day, but it is my life’s responsibility to take care of my Self.

May women and men find their fire within themselves and nurture it! Sacred femininity and sacred masculinity has to be understood once again. To contemplate this, we need peace of mind and tranquility.

The way this country is conducted is purposely robbing us of peace. It is foolish to search for stability around ourselves. No such thing exists in the Universe. Everything is in motion. We need to learn again that it is not possible to find stability outside oneself; the point of peace, stability and security is only within oneself. Once we anchor to it, we can start building our lives on the secure basement. We won’t need to look for safe job; every job will be safe. We won’t need to worry whether our relationship will be stable; it will – because we are solidly anchored to our Self. If we are true to it, our life will become anchored and unshakably stable.


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