Welcome, pilgrim journeying through life! Welcome to the World of My Mind!

I am a Dreamer. Mind explorer. Always trying to dig deeper. It drives me crazy sometimes, of course. Once you go down the rabbit hole, there is no way back. Sometimes I wish I could un-learn some biting things that I’ve just read, I wish I could un-realize certain shocking things that I’ve just connected. Because your brain starts working, synapses start whirling fast and you are not the same person anymore. I so much believe in the power of information. Because only informed people can make informed decisions..

I consider myself reborn within my current lifetime. It was not easy.. and it is a never-ending process.

Life evolves. We ride its waves. I learnt to love its turbulence. I learnt to love myself. Or better – my Self.

Although my website might sound fairy-like, in real life (or whatever we call “real life”), I have feet on the ground and there are many items I am interested in, such as health, consciousness, books, movies, personal development, politics (yes, the dirty politics), economy, finance, my reflections about USA, Europe, humanity, spirituality.. Let’s see what transpires.

I have never written a blog before. Plus this is going to be for a major part an English-language blog while English is not my native language. I ask your forgiveness, help with corrections, and welcome your suggestions. Also, everything in here are only my personal and private opinions. I might throw advices and nutritional suggestions. They will be precisely that: suggestions that one should not take as medical advice. I am only describing what has worked for me.

You have been warned.. uhm.. advised 🙂


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